Monday, 30 September 2013

The last week & me.

Well my sister was here for the week and I was sick for nearly the whole time... Ross River Fever kicked my arse and I slept most of the week away. I'm feeling much better today.

Though I see by my posts I did do another round of edits on: The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections, and sent them back to the amazing Jamie D. R...

Today I'm spending the day cleaning out my drop box and external hard drive... Just to get rid of all the crap folders... I plan on making 2014 more productive with easier access to things so I don't have to keep searching for files or pictures when I need them... I'm also going to separate the pictures by type by hair colour and by nationality. I think this will make my life a hell of a lot easier.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Feeling sick...

Why is it that the moment I get sick (I'm in the middle of a bout of Ross River Fever) I get inundated with new story idea's? I try so hard to ignore them but they're yelling so damn loud. I would mind if they were quiet about it or waited patiently in line for their turn to be heard... Hell, even Vlad has thrown his hands up in disgust and told me to sort the mess in my head out myself. So at the moment I've put The Lines Of Marsden guys in charge. Hopefully they will keep everyone in line.

I'll be away tomorrow... I have to take Em tho the chiropractor. Then I have a little shopping to do before I can come home.

Also at some stage this afternoon. I have the Telstra guys coming out to give me a quote about laying new phone lines to our house... Apparently, Telstra isn't allowed to fix anything past the first point of origin in the house... Whoever had this house built put the first point of origin out in the garage/shed which is like 20 feet from the house (totally fricken sucks). I will let you know on another day how much it will cost. Being an Author and constantly on the computer I need the first point of origin to be in the house.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I'm back!!!

Well lucky I wasn't here yesterday as I had no net coverage anyway... I got it fixed this morning (had something to do with wiring & refreshing--yeah don't ask me as I have no clue either).

Anyway, when I got the Internet back I found I had EIC edits waiting for me on The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections. I'll start on them today and hopefully get most of them done.

On a brighter note... Emily remembered who I was writing book 2 about in Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood... She tells me it is Jhex (but that could be just because she wants to read his story next). So at least I have a start to what I'm doing for NaNoWriMo this year... only 36 days until NaNo starts.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Getting stuff done.

I would get a hell of a lot more work done if I didn't keep getting distracted by stuff like this...

Today I sorted out more tax stuff... thought I had it all finished, but I guessed wrong... It's never-bloody-ending. Though I'm confident     next year I won't have the problems I've had for the last two years.

I'll be away tomorrow doing real life stuff... I've to go into the big city (Brisbane) and do some crap with banks/insurance etc. And just to make it so much more fun--I have a mild dose of Ross River Fever... so headaches/shivers/and tiredness all rolled into one.

What a month to give up drinking Coke. Though, I do feel better for not drinking it--not that I'll ever admit that to my hubs in a million years--LOL.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The calm before the storm.

I'm thinking the end of this year is the calm before the storm. Next year I have big plans in my personal, business and writing lives. I've decided to schedule my time better... trying to organise a four person family schedule and making everything mesh is hard. Calendars have become my new best friends... plus I have a small diary just for writing in everyone's appointments... and we all have different colours so I can pick stuff out in a hurry.

I've already told you I have set my writing schedule out in three month blocks... so between now and January 1st I'm going to be going through all my WIPS and seeing which ones need to be gotten out in a hurry and which ones can wait.

Yesterday I re read Sons of Evenmore: The Crimson Grimoire... and I'm happy to report I only found 4 typos. So now I have some idea for when NaNoWriMo rocks around what I was going to write for book 2: Blood to Blood. Still not sure who I said I was going to write book two about... but I figure I'll wing it... by what I've read I'm assuming I said it would either be Phoenix (who is currently in a come like state) or Jhex (he was the one whose Olluns didn't bond with him). Either way I'll get the story written.

Today I have the rellies coming back to stay for the week so I'll have to end off as I need to vacuum and mop before they get here... Best if I do it while I'm the only one in the house. That way I know I'll get the job done before someone asks me to do something else.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Have you ever?

Have you ever had the feeling of loss when you finally finish something you have been working on for over a year-- Do you feel like something is missing? Well, that's how I feel now that the taxes are finally done.

Though on the other hand I have had a very productive day... I redid my writing schedule for the rest of this year and next year. I also made a list of all my series and the books therein so I can cross them off as they are done... It'll make me feel like I'm accomplishing something.

I've also found out from my MLR Press editor Steve L that Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse has been sent to line editing... so I'm one step closer. Now I just have to wait and see what he thinks of The Lines Of Marsden: Living In Shadows... Hopefully it will get picked up as well. In December I'm hoping to also submit to him, Sons of Evenmore: Blood To Blood.

I'm also waiting to hear back from my beta reader: James A on The Gaean Prophecies: Admetus Gaea... Then it will be off to Cinder's O to see if she can pick up any holes.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

What's the happ?

Today I'm happy to announce that the bitch of a migraine I have lived through and survived for the past two days has finally subsided to a dull roar.

Today I also heard from the amazing Steve L (my MLR editor) about Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse... Hopefully it'll be on it's way to the next person in line.

I'm also catching up on more taxes.. I pray I'm finally getting to the end of them all. I feel like I've been doing taxes forever and  a day.

Today I'm also working on The Connelly Chronicles: Beautiful Goodbyes. I'm trying to get chapters 3 & 4 finished.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Getting tattooed today & other news

I'm getting the last of this tattoo hopefully finished. when it is I'll put some pics on my blog so everyone can see the finished job of my tattooed sleeve. Today session is up near my left armpit and in the crook of my left elbow. I will be glad when it is finished.. and hopefully it will be fully healed by the time I get to Sydney for OzmmMeet. The only problem is today and part of yesterday I have a fricken migraine.

On other news: I have finished and sent to my beta reader James A. the first book in The Gaean Prophecies: Admetus Gaea. From there it will go to Cinders O, before I submit it to a publisher.

I'm now back working on The Connelly Chronicles: Beautiful Goodbyes. I'm hoping to have it finished before NaNoWriMo starts in November.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Losing my mind.

Have you ever had one of those days when you find the need to re-read and old WIP only to find myself so engrossed I've started tweaking what I have and written an then proceed to write almost to the quota I had set aside to finish this book in... though I may end up going over so that I can end the story in a believable spot.  I should tell you the story is The Gaean Prophecies: Admetus Gaea... and as by this picture you can tell it revolves around Faeries and Elven-kind (Elves) There are also other species in there that everyone will be familiar with. Though one said species I had to modify to fit with my species.

Here is a cursory blurb:

Grayson Gellespie: Finds himself thrust into the role as the saviour of a world he had believed was nothing but an imaginative story.

Jarkebb Arindad: The banished son of Lord Jondalar Arindad - ruler of the Elven-kind. he was sent out to find the saviour the prophecies foretold of.

Bailin Greer: Warrior of the Deepwoods Faerie Glenn has been tasked by the Lady to be the saviour’s eyes behind enemy lines.

Alone they will fail but once they combine forces they have the power to forever change the world in which they live Three stories woven together to tell the tale of the Gaean Prophecies... Apart from saving the world our heroes have to fight to claim their bond mates along the way.

Okay, I should point out this story is not M/M/M it's three couples who need to work together to save the world they live in.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Today I...

Today I'm supposed to be helping the hubs install the new air-conditioner for my office... but as per usual he got called away so god knows when he'll be back. He says a couple of hours.

Then I thought I would take a break from writing as well so I've been going through all the WIPS I have in my dropbox and make sure all is hunky-dory.

Yesterday I bought myself this awesome skull it is a human skull but has like werewolf teeth. My mum hates it so it must be good--but  she's in her 80's--LOL.

My sister gets here either tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning... not sure how long she is here for. I'll be busy writing and doing edits so I'll spend some of each day with her and some working--sounds like a plan.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

What a fricken day I had yesterday.

<= This picture is just because I need something pretty to look at...

Yesterday I did a 10 hour round trip from my home to Woleebee Creek & back to pick up one of our worker and then that was followed by 4 hours sleep before I had to get up and start today--So not fun.

Though today in my inbox I had an email off of Reese Dante discussing my upcoming cover art for The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections. I can't wait to see the final thing.

I'm so tired that I don't want to do anything and yet as the say "life must go on."  I don't even have time for a nana nap because I have so much on my to-do list today that I didn't get done yesterday.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Gasbagging about my books.

I don't know why but this abandoned stock exchange makes me want to write... I think there is definitely a story in here somewhere. What do you think?

Then there is this other part of me that thinks it could fit into one of the stories I already have planned... Like Experimentals: Running Into Zero Tolerance. Speaking of this series I heard from my MLR editor Steve L and he is currently going over my edits on Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse to see if they come back to me or go on to the next person in the editing/publishing line

Yesterday I sent the first two chapters of The Connelly Chronicles: Beautiful Goodbyes to one of my beta readers James A... he will get it back to me when he can.

Today I'm supposed to be doing taxes but I want to finish the second chapter on Preternatural High: Welcome to my world. This story is just calling to me today for some reason.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Talking Taxes & Writing Plans

Remember way back when I said I was caught up in tax bullshit? Well months down the track and I'm no closer to getting it resolved... Apparently accountants and book keepers have a hard time doing their job if I lose dockets etc... But how the hell they expect me to remember back to 2011 I don't know especially when I'm flat out remembering last week.

On a brighter note The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections has gone off to the EIC at Silver Publishing so I'm one step closer for my boys seeing the light of day. I have already started on Book 2 The Connelly Connections: Beautiful Goodbyes. This is a bit of a strange story to write as it is more as a filler book in 4 person pov and I'm getting out there right now it is a HFN - though in future books in the series they all get their HEA.

I have worked out a writing plan for 2014 and I'll show it to you all closer to the end of the year... I'm trying to get myself more organised so that I don't let stories slide that I have been promising for a year. Though I will show you the plan for the end of this year.
  1. The Connelly Chronicles: Beautiful Goodbyes.
  2. Landcaster's Way: A different Way Of Seeing.
  3. Preternatural High: Welcome To My World.
NaNoWriMo: Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood

If by any chance I manage to finish and still have time on my hands I have the In between books  (books I write when I have a spare moment). These ones will run on into 2014 as well. They'll eventually get done, but not right now.

  1. The Diamond Rose: Undiscovered Hearts.
  2. Toowoomba Boys: Dancing with Demons.
  3. SPAM Inc: Claiming Roxy's Heart.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Edits Done!!!

Well I have finally finished the edits on The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections and sent them back to the wonderful Jamie DR.

I have also emailed Steve L to find out the update on the edits for Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse.

I still have no cover art for either of them but when I do you know I'll share them with you all. I think getting the covers is just as much fun as writing the stories.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Summer Is In The Air

The days and nights are starting to heat up so soon I'm going to need a new air-conditioner in my office. I don't want to lose another tower to the temperature.

I'm still doing the last read-through of The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections before I send it back to Jamie DR... So thankful that I listened to her.

I hope it rains soon as our tanks could use a top up. we have been here for 5 years and haven't had to buy water yet... nor do I ever want to have to. Though I hope when the rain finally does come it's not another flood.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Memories & Dreams

Lately I've been having some of the some of the strangest dreams ever, and we all know that when I dream it's a new story trying to get out. I'm not sure if they are all the same story or bits and pieces of a lot of's weird but Vlad tells me they are like a good author that I am I've been jotting down notes. One day they'll all suddenly come to fruition and I'll realise why my dreams have been so vivid.

The truth is; sometimes I'm not sure if they are dreams or I'm recalling a memory that I may have shoved to the back of my mind.  I think most writers pull inspiration from their own lives. Isn't the saying: write what you know?

But I think most of my inspiration comes from dreams... and maybe a line of lyrics out of a song I've been listening to. Why am I telling you all this I hear you ask. Because, I think everyone has it in them to be a writer--whether it be a writer of books, poetry, songs, TV programs, or movies. I think I'm trying to say that maybe if you have a thought however strange it is, you should write it down. That strange thought may be the one to make all your dreams come true.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Updates & Changes

This is the picture I have as my desktop background... he looks great in a pair of leather pants - even Em had to agree. So beautiful is Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

I have received today and started on the 2nd round of edits for The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections. I hope to get them done and back by tomorrow to the wonderful Jamie D R.

I also revamped and tried to de-clutter my Blog page... I've decided to only display the 3 current WIPS I'm working on at a time so people know where my head is at. well I can hope at least.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

So Much To Do...

Why is it when you are busy as hell your life seems to be on fast forward and everything ends up in a total rush?

Okay, I know life's rules are always chopping and changing... but for once I'd just like it to slow down long enough for me to actually have the chance to enjoy it.

I now have to get as much writing done as possible so I have time to enjoy my sister coming for a visit - My luck I'll be inundated with edits.

Hopefully when the hubs gets home this weekend we can finish putting up the shelves in my office so that I can get the rest of my stuff put away.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Today I Am...

Today I am... doing last minute revisions on The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows.

Today I am... writing up a synopsis & blurbs on The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows.

Today I am... going to submit The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows.

Tomorrow I will... begin the long wait to see if I get a contract.

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Okay, I've been mulling through a few thoughts for NaNo this year. So I thought I'd share my rambling mind with you. 

Like should it be one novel or two novella's - I still have no clue? Though, I think I'm going to try my hand at Sci- Fi - here's hoping I don't suck at it. 

My other thought is should I use NaNo to finish a project or should I start something fresh?

What kind of characters should I have - soft, hard, jerks, twinks? (That came out sounding so wrong).

Should I write Young Adult? Or, should I stick with what I know best?