Thursday, 1 December 2016

11 Days To Go

Eleven days to go  until I'm fully moved in to the new place. I really can't wait. A fresh start. we have had an horrendous year this year so many things have gone wrong... but in the end they have been for the best and life can only get better. Also recently found out that Emily has something wrong with her heart─it's dehydrating. She goes back for more tests on Tuesday hopefully it will be an easy fix. Well, I'm hoping all it requires is a change of diet and medication... Today she is off to dye her hair pink. I suppose to each their own.

I've been slowly getting the new place set up and it's coming together nicely. I've decided to start fresh all over and make the new house more ZEN... okay, maybe just more relaxing for Mum and myself. At least the most important room is done (well almost)my bedroom. I still have to put away a few things that I need to find homes for. I also still have a bit of rearranging to get done.

I had to give away some of my books, and here are a few that are on display. I also have some in the spare room and in the office area. I will share those pictures later.

My brother, my nephew, and myself have been  busily building a new cat enclosure/greenhouse/pergola at the new house and fingers crossed it gets done before we move.

My poor cats are stressing more and more each day as my old house empties out. Hell, Droogie even climbed into the car as I was packing it up to move another load. I think I have two loads myself to take before the movers take the rest... Mind you I think they only have about 14 things to move for me because they are too heavy for me to move myself.

Some day soon I'll get one here and tell you that I'm finally back to writing. It'll have been a long time in coming, and honestly, I can't bloody wait. Between now and the end of the year I'll be making myself a big list of all the next books in my series and one off books that I need to get done. Plus I need to figure out which books to get done for the Penny Brandon Writing Challenge that I had to put on hold this year. I'm determined to get it done in 2017.

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