Saturday, 7 October 2017

I Have A Headache Today

It's like my whole damn head is stuffed full of hot, and soaked cotton wool. I'm hoping it's because I had my computer set to the wrong settings (it was set to dim and brighten at will). Now that I have it set to a constant brightness I'm hoping my headache will finally go away. It doesn't help that it's a bloody gloomy and overcast day.

My new aircon goes in next week hopefully. the old one wa so big that it chewed up too much power. it cooled the whole house. Mum and I don't need that as neither of us like airconditioning in the bedrooms. so we are upgrading to a split system. I pick it up Tuesday From Harvey Norman... Hopefully, it will be better when the power bill comes around.

Emily is doing okay... still has morning sickness, and I'm still glad it's her and not me. Yeah, I know I'm a really good role model as a mother....LOL... She's a big girl she'll survive it. Our lives are all getting back to normal after the passing of dear old Dotty.

The weather is getting hotter. We are also coming into our storm season. I just hope 2018 isn't as hot as 2017 was or it's going to feel like we've all taken up residence in hell. Speaking of hell I need some names that start with LUC... what do you think of these ones for a story I'm mulling over. These characters will all be siblings... What do you think? here are the names and the meaning of said names.

Lucifer━Light Bearer (M) 
Lucien━Born at Daybreak (M)
Lucius━Bright (M)
Lucero━Luminious (M)
Luca━Man from Lucania (M)
Lucho━Warrior (M)
LucibelleChaste Light (F)
Luciana━Light Moon (F)
Lucetta━Light (F)
Lucilyn━Lighthearted Woman (F)
Lucina━She who brings children into light (F)
Lucretia━Succeed (F)

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