Thursday, 18 August 2011

Another Piece of Me

Recently  someone asked me me why I write? And the first words out of my mouth were: Why do you breath?

  Writing to me is just as necessary as breathing. My fingers are itching to start working as soon as my eyes open... and lately it has been in the wee hours of the morning. Vlad (my Muse) doesn't understand the need for sleep. If he is excited about something, then I need to be up and writing. Which I don't mind as it means that I will also be excited about it as soon as my brain kicks in.

  I don't plot... I know I have said that before... I am sure Vlad plots; he just isn't so forthcoming with me about it all... but working together as a team we do well.

  At the moment we are tossing up between two stories to work on... Harlin's Heart is book 1 in the Paying It Forward series, and the second book is On the Flipside of Reverse which will be book 2 in the Time Kings series and will be Kylfa and Tucker's story.

  I know that maybe my stories are not for everyone, but that doesn't matter to me... As long as one person enjoys something I have written then that has made it all worth it. These stories are in my head and it is just a matter of time before I get around to writing them all. If nothing comes of them publication wise I will still be happy knowing that I have left a little piece of me to be passed down through my own family.

  Family is another great thing about writing... My family may not understand why I write the M/M genre that I do, but they are all proud that I have achieved a small part of my dream.  I am not something to be hidden away like a secret. My family quite happily and proudly tells everyone what I do... so I think if they are not ashamed of me then why should I be? Not that I have ever been ashamed of being me. Their pride in me just allows me to be open about my writing choices.

  I say if you have an urge to write then do it... because someone somewhere will be willing to listen.

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