Thursday, 25 August 2011

Weekly Read

Jan Irving: The Janitor (The Contenders)

 I have wanted to write about one of my favourite authors for a long time now... but I found it hard to choose which book to write about, and in the end The Janitor won out.

 I can hear you asking why? All I can say about that is I seriously doubt that anyone could read this book and not fall in love with Dane in his innocence and with Noel that complements him so well...
 This is book 1 in The Contenders series there are two so far but I am hoping that  there are more to follow... So If you read this Jan I beg for the many that love Dane... Please... Please... Please write some more.

 I loved this book for many reasons... but first and foremost it is because of Dane's thought patterns... He fascinates me in the way he goes about things, and for the reasons behind why he does them. It is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful. I love the way Noel struggles to be there the way that Dane needs him.

  This story is definitely one that you need to read with a box of tissues... every time I read this story I have to have them close at hand and I have talked to many friends that have felt the same way.

 Jan has done a wonderful job of writing with this story, and I love the way she has the bad guy. Of how Dane and Noel overcome all that is thrown at them. Facing it together is what gets them through. These two characters make you just want to jump right into their world, throw your arms around them, and love on them for just a little bit.

 I have loved everything I have ever read by Jan and can highly recommend her as a brilliant read other works I have loved are:

Uncommon Cowboy series
Mastering Toby series.
Sylvan series
Wylde series

The Summer Gardner

 I could name more but I would be here all day... On that note I will away, and leave you with this... please go and read Jan Irving's books if you haven't, because if you don't, you will be really missing out on some wonderful stuff.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so touched! Thank you so much. It pleases me very much that you love The Janitor. It was a real tear jerker experience for me to write also. But I had to. For Dane.


  2. Jan, I have loved everything of yours that I have read... but Dane & Noel hold a special place in my heart.