Tuesday, 22 November 2011

NaNoWriMo Snippet!!!

This is still a work in progress so forgive all typo's and crappy punctuation... This is a little snippet from chapter two... this story is for Nano is called Watson Falls 1: Between One Heartbeat & The Next... it will be a spin-off from my Pack Matters series.

“Amara! Enough!” Ryan stood up and yelled into the room. “This is neither the time nor the place for this discussion. We will talk about this after our guests leave.”
“You mean the humans?” Amara sneered “It seems your siblings have already claimed two of them… who cares if the rest of that family knows? Everyone else here is pack… My Pack!”
Ryan slowly stalked across the room and snarled right into her face. “My Pack.” Stepping back he undid his shirt and pulled the medallion out of his shirt. “Is this what you were looking for?” Amara lunged for his throat and Liam stepped forward and backhanded her.
Ryan turned to Claire and Erik who were both huddled on the couch stunned. His gaze shifted to Eli, who clung to Zane.
“I already know,” Eli said softly, “Zane told me what he was when we first met. He wanted no secrets between us.”
Ryan nodded, “Do you know that if he completes the mating, claiming you as his fated mate, then it might hasten your road to recovery?”
“He’s not broken,” Zane said defensively.
“No he isn’t, I apologise.” Ryan smiled. “Nor is he completely well, I only say this because even I can feel him growing weaker.” Ryan turned back to Claire and Erik. “I am sorry that you had to find out this way. I would have preferred to tell you in my own way. But as you can see circumstances prevented that from happening… if you choose to stay you are more them welcome, if you choose to leave we will not stop you but know that you are now the keeper of our secrets. Should you betray us, you will be dealt with accordingly. Do I make myself clear?”
“Crystal,” Erik glared at Zane, “how could you not tell me that you are a fucking shifter… with the word pack thrown around I would guess Werewolf? I was your best friend – why didn’t you tell me?”
Zane shrugged, “It is forbidden.”
“But you told Eli?”
Zane nodded and smiled. “I could tell him because he is my mate… now do you see? I never wanted you because my wolf had already decided on Eli, even way back then when I was just discovering myself, my wolf already knew that we belonged to Eli.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Alpha, you’re the new Alpha?” A smile played over Claire Bailey’s face.
Ryan turned and stared at Claire. “You know about the pack?”
Claire nodded, “My father belonged to Ma-Ma Creek Pack.” She quickly added. “I was never able to shift. So far none of my kids have been able to shift either. Adam decided that if I lived within pack grounds I was not to tell my husband who was human or my children about our kind. As he considered me of no worth to the pack.” A tear rolled down her cheek. “Five years ago, he killed my Simon as retribution for what happened between Zane and Eli.”
“Adam killed Simon?” grandma asked horrified.
“No, he had Soren do it.” She looked straight at Amara. “Your father is a murderer.”
“But if Eli is part wolf then how did he succumb to his anorexia?” Grandma was truly baffled.
“Because there shifter gene’s seem to be dormant.”
“But that doesn’t explain why?”
When Claire looked at Grandma Ryan said. “Grandma is our medicine woman she heals us and tends to our needs.”
Ryan cleared his throat and turned back to the group, Amara was standing between Liam O’Donnell and Rhys Foster… they worked for the WFPD (Watson Falls Police Department) and Ryan knew they would become his pack beta’s just by what had transpired here today; even if he didn’t want to spend that much time in close proximity of the reason he was forced to live outside his own pack.
The medallion lay on his chest for all to see. “This was given to me by my father the day you all forced me to leave the pack. He told me that this would be my proof that I am the rightful Alpha of this pack.” Ryan let his power slowly roll over the room at large. This was only a portion of the pack but each and every one of them would tell someone else, who would tell someone else and so forth until the entire pack knew what had transpired here today. He knew that challenges wouldn’t be long in coming but he also knew that he was ready for each and every one of them.
“But what to do about you, Amara?” Ryan turned his whole attention on her. “You have harassed my family - my sister and my brother – your Omega. You were caught stealing from your just deceased Alpha and the Alpha mate. So what do you think should happen to you?” he walked up until they were toe to toe. “Why should I let you live?”

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