Thursday, 3 November 2011

Saw These Guys In Concert Last Night!!!

  Tim Rogers and You Am I were absolutely awesome even if my hubs and daughter didn't know who they were... We bought some merchandise & the guy behind the counter goes... "You do realise this is just the starter band?" I was like, "Dude I came to see these guys." No one even selling the merchandise knew who the hell You Am I even were. This is one of their most listened to songs it is off their 4th album.

  This is the other band we saw Cold Chisel is one of our legendary rock bands. They are a little older but fricken hell they sound exactly the same Jimmy Barnes & Ian Moss only seem to get better with age. The only downer on the night for me besides having a sore back, is that they never sang "Working Class Man," how could they skip one of their most famous songs?

  But it was still awesome!!!

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