Monday, 7 November 2011

Just Touching Base!!!

 Well I know I have missed another couple of days... but sad to say my brother in-law passed away... I guess he is in a better place where there is no pain. It was sad to see him finally go and my heart goes out to his four children.

  So for the past three days I haven't really written anything but after this Thursday I should be back on track with everything... Though I don't mind telling you all I am worried about my NaNoWriMo novel... I am not sure if it is going in the direction that I want it to. I will stick with it for a bit and see what happens.

  I emailed my editor today to find out what is happening with TLOM. To be honest I am getting fed up with waiting. It's is more frustrating that my editor and I never seem to connect... she is awesome, but if it isn't something going wrong on her end then it is going wrong on mine... Sometimes I think I just can't win... LMAO - Isn't that always the way. Though, as soon as I do hear what is going on I will let you all know.

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