Monday, 1 October 2012

Talking Today.

Today I'm taking it easy and just working on my Australia Day story for MLRPress called: Bush Bashin' I am just over the 10K mark so I better get cracking. I want to try and get it submitted to Kimberly before I head off to GRL. So I have over half to go unless I shorten it - who would know with me. 

I Also just realised how slack I have been on the whole blog story thing. Man, I better get cracking on those as well  - but first I better re read what I have so I am up to date and can figure out where Jettermane & Wind Walkers are going... If I don't Cinders may just track me down and kick my arse.

I have ordered 15 copies of The Lines of Marsden in print, and I will be offering a couple up as prizes for all those interested. I will write more about it when I have them in my hands. So until then I will away and get some writing done.

14 days till GRL
& counting down

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