Sunday, 9 February 2014


 Well, as we all know I haven't been feeling up to par lately... but I'm slowly starting to come around. 

Good news: I've woken up headache free... Bad news: It feels like I just rubbed chilli powder or pepper in my right eye and it stinging like a bitch... even after flushing the damn thing's an omen to never clean the kitchen again - LOL.

Okay, at the moment I'm working up some submissions for Rooster & Pig Publishing... this guy on the right is inspiration for Joel Roxby - Fey Prince of sorts. he is one of the lead characters in book one: Claiming Roxby's Heart. From my series SPAM Inc.

The weird part for me is writing a synopsis for a story I haven't as yet written - as I'm not a plotter/planner - I just write whatever falls out of my head when I sit in front of the computer each day.

Harlin Edwards - human, is the other main character in this particular story line... 

Today I need to change the formatting to fit R&P submissions guidelines. To be totally honest it would be a hell of a lot easier if all publishers used the same formatting for submissions.

Other than that, they have also asked to see something on the following:

The Diamond Rose (series).
Taking Chances (series).
In the shadow of the Dragon (single story).

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