Thursday, 26 June 2014

The End...Now What's Next?

I'm still not feeling 100%. Every time I think the virus is going away it comes back... The doc says it just has to run it's course.

Well yesterday it took 12 very long hours for me to finish typing up Lancaster's Way 2: A Different Way Of Seeing... it came in at 34,110 word count. It's now been sent to one of my beta readers, James A for his opinion.

So what do I do next? I really still need to get my shit together for Wayward Ink Press on The Gaean Prophecies 1: Admetus Gaea... and the same for Fireborn Publishing on... to be honest I'm not sure I have 4 stories in mind. 

They are as follows:
1) Taking Chances 1: Lie to me
2) The Diamond Rose 1: Undiscovered Hearts
3) Day Walkers 1: Real You
4) The Soul Guardians 1: Loving Callum McKenzie

Feel free to chime in if you have a preference... sometimes the easiest thing for a writer is asking someone else to choose.

PS: Em says it better be The Diamond Rose 1: Undiscovered Hearts, or she's kicking my arse... Seeing as she has the series name tattooed across her sternum.

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