Monday, 23 June 2014

So Much To Do & No Time To Do It In.

As you can tell by the heading I'm run off my feet, but still as crook as... But I have no time to stop.

Things I need to get done by the end of this week.

1- Finish Typing up the last three chapters of: Lancaster's Way 2: A Different Way Of Seeing.
2- Finish building my new filing cabinets: well the hubs is doing that so that I can finally rearrange all the files and separate: home, work, and writing.
3- Finish setting up spare room for: my stepson to come and stay for the school holidays (we haven't seen him in about 6 years so I'm excited).
4- Finish catching up on: all the household chores that never got done while I've been ill. 
5- Think which story I'm doing for: Fireborn Publishing and get started on it... I'm thinking about The Diamond Rose 1: Undiscovered Hearts... mainly because it's already half written.

Mind you this whole list depends on when I receive edits from MLRPress, and Totally Bound publishing... as they come before everything else.

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