Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bloody Hell & Then Some..

Okay, so we may not be there quite yet, but bloody hell it's getting hot. My tanks are running dry and I had to switch over to town water - which is yuck if you ask me. Sunscreen is now a must, not that the kids ever remember to put it on. I feel like my brain has melted into a big messy puddle of goo.

On another note: last night I started on a new story. I'm not sure where it's leading or what it's even about. I have no title as yet. I will keep you informed on how it's going. As yet I'm not even sure if it's paranormal or contemporary.

Good News: I just heard that Lancaster's Way 2: A Different Way Of Seeing made the All Romance best seller list. Yay me!

1 comment:

  1. I hope y'all get some rain soon. A new story eh? Good news indeed. Yippee on the ARe best seller thangy. I hope I get on here more I need to play catch up and all. My job had me working 40 to 50 hours so I was tired they have cut me back down, not sure if I am happy or sad cause I need the extra money.