Thursday, 12 February 2015

I've Got S0 Much To Do Today

I have a few updates on The Lines Of Marsden—the series as a whole, that is. 

Since I've started writing book 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces... I've seen the storyline for the series as a whole changing right before my very eyes. I've taken a time out from finishing writing it as I sat down and plotted out the rest of the 1st line... Books 3 through 6

I've also started plotting out the first book in the 2nd line. after talks with my editor on this series I just want to pre-warn people that the second line does not revolve around Michael & Doyle... or all the people we have become familiar with... The 2nd line revolves around the 2nd generation. Raphael, Michaela (Kayla), Stefan, Aidan, Vladimir, Varnoskulos (Varnos), Lhex, & Ohrin.

As much as I love writing Michael and Doyle, I also know that 18 books based around just the first line would be boring as hell. We'll still hear about them, and they'll make appearances, but as secondary characters only. Though weirdly, the story lines will still be linked in a huge way... we'll just be seeing a different aspect of the ongoing war.

Having said that as I write each new book my mind changes just a fraction. So by the time I get to write the 2nd and then 3rd lines the storyline will have changed completely. We all know I have a tendency to do that.

I'll keep you all updated on any major changes though. sometimes I like to put them out to you all so that you can give me your opinions... as your comments give my brain access to things/ideas that I can use.

On that note I will end off as I have to finish writing the chapter  I'm working on so I can send it off to my beta reader before he get's cranky at me for ginning around.

Update on covers: I'm still waiting for 4 of them so I can't wait to share them with you all...

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