Wednesday, 9 March 2016

New Idea ~ I Think...

Okay, this is what has been bugging me for the last week or so. I can't seem to get the damn thing out of my head... So I'm hoping that someone out there can help me decide if this is a new story idea for me... OR ...a book I have already read.

This is what I know/have running around inside my head...

·       Guy lives moves to live with his father who lives with Step mother/brother & sister…
·       Step mother is some sort of clothes designer.
·      Guy goes to have a shower SB takes his clothes both dirty and clean and leaves in their place a long skirt and like a girl cardi—when he goes to his room the minimal amount of clothing he has is gone as well.
·      Forced with going naked/with a towel/ or wearing the outfit left Guy gets dressed and heads out to find out where his clothes are.
·       SB is with a group of his friends and laughs when guy walks out in an ankle length skirt.
·    Guy ignores SB and heads straight towards his father—his SM sees him in her design and instead of going off like he and the SB thought she likes the way he looks and has a photographer take photo’s of him—guy is kind of taken aback by the attention…especially when SM asks him to think about modelling more of her stuff (which is all geared towards females).
·       SB isn’t happy that his joke backfired.
·       Father/ SM/ SS are cranky with SB and think as punishment (Just deserts) the AB can wear the male clothes to Guy’s Female clothes in each photo.
·       Neither realise how well the photos go over and they get offered more and more work.
·    In one early session the photographer asks them to be more intimate—almost kissing…intense looks… tender caresses. One kiss actually lands and starts changing everything.
·       During these sessions the more the guy and SB spend together the more they get to know each other they find they actually like each other and have a lot in common.
·       Okay for SB to Tease Guy, but if anyone else does SB gets very protective.
·    Family doesn’t mind—shocked maybe—but are supportive—If too taboo I can change to SB Best Friend.

·       Probably just a one off book told in the POV of Guy/SB, & SS (so we get a third POV for when talking to family and friends).

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