Thursday, 9 June 2016

Don't You Hate It...

Don't you hate it... when you are trying to find a book and you can't remember the name?

MYSTERY BOOK: All I know about said book is that a guy lives with foster parents... they treat him badly and they lock him in the basement without food etc... Child services comes in and takes away the families real children... and they send the child service guy back for the fostered kid in the basement... I think the services guy ends up with the basement guy.

SOLUTION: I'm going through my kindle and then I'm looking up every book I've ever bought and I'm collecting all their Blurbs and putting them in files... long job, but will be worth it in the end... PS: I haven't found it yet.

Don't you hate it... when you can't remember the name of your books character that you really need for the next installment.

CHARACTER: He is the human that is linked to Phoenix in Sons Of Evenmore... he is one of the main characters in the next book and for the life of me I can't remember his name... Looks like I have a re read coming on.

SOLUTION: Find my notes to save a re read... mind you it looks like world war 3 in the office at the moment so  a re read will probably be quicker.

Don't you hate it... when you have so much to do and no time to do it in, or people try to help and make it it far longer than it should be.

JOBS: Basically, I'm trying to de clutter my house and get rid of all surplus stuff. I'm also trying to fix all those little annoying things that no one ever has time to attend... my most important thing is to get my office and Library finished.... I have to nail on all the facing and stain it to match the rest of the office desk and then I can finish off the painting. I need to paint the inside of my house before I can get the flooring changed (by the time I've saved up for the hardwood flooring I'll hopefully have finished the painting) I figured it will be easier to paint before I think of new flooring... less chance of making a mess.

SOLUTION: While the Ex is here I'll get him to cut things to length and buy me the right nails and make sure I have all the paint and stain that I need to get the jobs done.

Don't you hate it... when you think you have something all figured out and then you find out you forgot something important.

PROBLEM: I lost the damn name of the paint I'm painting the interior of my house... and some bright spark painted over the name on the tin... Mind you, I did buy the paint a couple of years ago when the Ex built my library.

SOLUTION: Waste time on line looking through paint swatches until I find it... Solver Paint: MOUSE SA1-100/23-20B

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