Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Admetus Gaea... & Other Things

As everyone knows... whenever I'm sick I have a tendency to fall back to my original story. The one that got me started in writing in the first place... In the beginning it was subbed at Silver Publishing... after they went bust... I subbed it to Wayward Ink Press, and got feedback saying it was too busy and I needed to pull it apart and reconstruct the first story into three... giving each couple their own story...

At the time I was like what the fuck... I really didn't want to reconstruct an already written story... I know in the years that have passed I have talked about doing it... but, just never got around to actually starting... With the 6 month hiatus I've had from writing I sat down and re read the story and finally saw what the people at Wayward Ink Press were talking about... so tentatively I've been  writing up notes on how to do what was asked. I even wrote 4 chapters in the new storyline... I wanted to keep the bases of my original story, but tweak it enough so each couple has their time in the light. So now I have to change 1 X 40K novella into 3 X 40K novellas and still end up at the same place. More to the point have the first novella's prologue be the last novella's epilogue..

I have changed the series name to Admetus Gaea and the first story title to: The Gaean Prophecy... so basically I just reversed them... I have also realised doing it this way there are potentials for more stories... but here are the first three.

The Gaean Prophecy
Broken Serenity
New World Alliance

I'm hoping that it doesn't take me long... I might even set it aside for my first for 2017 book. I'm trying to figure out the 22 I want to do for the challenge I had to postpone a year... sorry folks... I need to write what fires my imagination... I will just say that there will definitely one The Lines Of Marsden... and The Connelly Chronicles and the rest will be up in the air... for the Penny Brandon Challenge.

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