Friday, 28 October 2016

LIFE... & Then Some

Life is getting in the way of everything again... actually it's mainly trying to get the shed in my yard certified because the Ex didn't bother to submit the correct forms (or any) to council when he built the damn thing. So now it's all been left up to me. And believe me I need to get it done as quick as possible seeing as I have a contract on my house and I will be in the new place by 17 December 2016... fingers crossed nothing goes wrong... the house goes unconditional/sold on 9 November I think. The people buying the place are really nice.

I can tell you I'm tried as hell of having to fill in forms... Forms for the lawyer... forms for the council... forms for the qbcc... forms for Centrelink... forms for my car insurance... But in saying that I'm as excited as hell to be moving. I can't wait to start unpacking and finding homes for everything. I have recently bought new bookcases, a desk, 2 X chest of drawers, a chair for my mum (she paid for it- an electric lift chair as she is 84 and not that steady)... only thing left to buy now is 2 X screen doors and rain water tank.

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