Monday, 3 October 2016

The Week Just Gone...

So I've had a busy week... 

1) Dr Appointments with Emily at the Chiropractor... she has to go every month.

2) I've also been organising crap to take to my Lawyer's Appointment on the 11th October 2016... I won't get into the details as they would probably only bore you to death... I only say that because that's the way I feel.

3) Trying to get back on top of my writing has been interesting. as I have gone through my dropbox files and cleaned everything out and tried to make some order to what's there... So not fun.

4) I've had to resend some of my Rainbow Awards Reviews in to Elisa as they seemed to have gotten lost in the Internet world somewhere... I hate it when that happens.

5) On top of that I'm still doing stuff around the house in hopes that it'll sell. I really just want to move now. I want to unpack my life and take the first step into my future. Is that too much to ask for?

6) Our cat Toby isn't doing to well since his stroke... His back legs seem to be playing up on him, so he's been very snuggly...I hope he gets better soon.

Other than that...

Life in general has been pretty good to me... I can't really complain about anything, which I suppose is a good thing... I have been venturing out when it comes to cooking... Just so we don't get stuck eating the same old boring meals week after week. I think I make more vegetarian meals than anything. that way the meat eaters can have their meat on the side.

I also went out and bought a new doona cover for when I move. It's white with red water colour flowers and black leaves... It was $130- marked down to $59-, and then I got another $5- off because it had a dirty mark on it, which with a bit of elbow grease it came out. I even bought a hot pick and black on for the spare room.

Okay, I'll catch you all next week with an update into my life... I hope you all have an awesome week ahead of you.

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