Thursday, 20 October 2011


 1- Okay, I got tattooed yesterday, and forgot to post... sorry about that... 

 2- Brother in-law not getting better... I feel so damn sorry for that family as his brother passed away this week as well.

 3- My writing is getting squeezed in when it can... but nothing I can do about that...

 4- Still another whole week till the hubs comes home from New Zealand.... 7 weeks is a long fricken time.

 5- It is bloody cold here today and I can't seem to concentrate on anything... looks like we are in for some more wild weather... oh well at least it will fill my tanks up...

 6- Already planning my trip to the USA next year Albuquerque New Mexico to attend GRL 2012

 7- Possibly heading for Melbourne in January... looking forward to that.

 8- Tattoo Convention in March 2012... that is always fun.

 9- Fingers crossed that Hubs finishes building my office just a few shelves and draws to go.

 10- Still waiting to hear back from Samhain on MKITA so still keep your fingers crossed.

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