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My Guest ~ CA Szarek

Cole In Her Stocking

Release Date: November 4th
Publisher: Totally Bound

It’s Christmas in Antioch, Texas.

Detective Cole Lucas and his wife, fellow detective Andi are taking it easy for the holiday—time off from the police department.

Andi’s plans for Christmas are shattered when her family cancels. They’re not coming home to Texas. She’s crushed, sure Christmas will be ruined. But Cole is fine with an intimate affair—just them for the holiday, forging new traditions.

Can Cole show Andi she can rely on him and prove he’s all she needs for Christmas?

A Message From CA

Christmas is almost here.

This has me freaking out, honestly.

I can’t believe November is gone. Thanksgiving is next week.

I’d scream out loud—for real—if I could avoid the funny looks.

I haven’t started shopping yet. Not that that’s horribly unusual, but I’m at least thinking about it by this time, usually. I don’t have any ideas of what to do, buy, etc. None of my family has submitted lists just yet, which I guess means they’re as unthinking about Christmas as much as I am.

Is that good, or bad?

I’m not sure…just yet.

Now I find myself wondering where the heck 2015 went. For me it’s been a rough one, honestly. As far as writing, didn’t repeat my awesome 2014, I really struggled. I hope to get back to it, really get back to it in 2016.

I can’t believe the year has gone by so fast, almost without noticing, I guess.

Time is something that we can’t ever get back, so we need to use it, well, consciously. That’s hard to do with how hectic life gets.

The fast pace way things are now—led by technology, in many ways—is what we’ve grown used to as a society. We rush and rush, no matter the circumstances, and time gets away from us.

I think it’s natural for the most part. But it definitely leads to that “What the heck happened?” dazed, baffled feeling that hits a lot of us as the holidays approach.

It can make your head spin.

It does mine, anyway.

As this time of year approaches, it reminds me of what really matters.


Christmas is (as it should be) a time to connect, and reconnect with the people that mean the most to us. They don’t have to be blood family, and I think in a lot of cases these days, they aren’t. Family comes in all shapes and sizes and there’s nothing wrong with that. I know they sort of force me to sit and take a breath from all the rushing I always do.

So, at this of year, I hope you take a moment (or a day) to spend time with those you care about!

Merry Christmas (because it will be here sooner than I’d like to admit).

To Celebrate Christmas, I’m sharing a FREE story that goes with my CROSSING FORCES, romantic suspense series. It’s called COLE IN HER STOCKING and it goes with the first book, COLLISION FORCE. It’s about Andi and Cole, the hero and heroine and their first Christmas together (it’s after the book in the timeline)
You can download it in whatever format you need from my publisher, Totally Bound Publishing, website.

Small Town Texas doesn’t always mean small time crime.

Welcome to Antioch, population fifty thousand.

With a police department full of detectives and officers who are good at what they do, throw in the occasional FBI agent, and the bad guy doesn’t have a shot, no matter how big the crime.

About CA
Bestselling, award winning author of romantic suspense and epic fantasy romance, C.A. loves to dabble in different genres. If it's a good story, she'll write it, no matter where it seems to fit!

She's a hopeless romantic and always will be. Risking it all for Happily Ever After is what she lives by!

She's originally from Ohio, but got to Texas as soon as she could. She's happily married and has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.

She works with kids when she's not writing.

They work together and fight together. Relationships will be forged and changed along the twists and turns.

When fate intervenes, love and happiness can be found in unlikely places.

Find CA Here
Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter (@caszarek) 
Instagram (@caszarek) ~ Goodreads

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