Sunday, 29 November 2015

Time For Updates on everything

Today I'm working on Pride Publishing books I have to make my wordage quota on The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes (I made myself cry)... and make changes and write up synopsis for the new series... which has had a name change... Day Walkers Guild, has now become Day Wardens (of the Guild)... apparently Day Walkers has been used elsewhere... But honestly, I don't mind these changes will only make the story better. I need to have both finished by the middle of December.

It has also been stinking hot in my part of the world. We're supposed to get thunderstorms at some stage this week. I hope it's soon. We definitely need something to break. 

Almost that time of year to put up the Christmas tree. I have to pull mine out Later today so that I can finish building it before I start decorating on Tuesday... It will look something similar to this minus the lights and snow. My hubs built it for me out of an old ladder my brother in-law gave us... I think it's going to be awesome. the kids aren't into the whole decorating thing... but I am. If they want the presents on the day they have to put up and shut up.

As of the first I will be showing off other authors as well as a couple of my own past Christmas stories.. I hope you enjoy what's on offer. If You're an author who is booked in and hasn't sent me your posts--please do... as December is a very busy time for me.

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