Monday, 20 March 2017

Talking Edits

I both love and hate doing edits...

+ Side: I get to revise my story where needed.

- Side: I have a tendency to over use words and phrases.

Which gets me to thinking in a 40-45K Novella how many times is too much? for example I use the word was 805 times is that a lot? Probably not, but why do I always seem to use the words a lot in the same pages/scenes? This is my dilemma.  It's driving me nuts because I have to go back through the manuscript and change quite a few of them. I think if they were scattered throughout it wouldn't matter as much.

my other big negative is I get so carried away with the story that I forget to add in descriptions and those pesky little details that the readers need so they can visualise everything the way that I do.

For me first edits suck, because it looks like so much work (where I've screwed up). Where in reality, it's probably the best thing, because when it comes to round two there is a much clearer picture of what actually needs to be done. and I start to see the light at the end of the editing tunnel.

Just so you know, I still suck at punctuation... I can't see myself ever getting the hang of it. I find it all confusing as hell, and I'm thankful everyday for my very patient Editors who have to wade through it all and take the time to correct everything.

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