Sunday, 10 July 2011

Loop Challange

Yesterday On Z A Maxfield's Yahoo group, Kris sent out a challenge to make mud sexy. So a few of us all wrote scenes doing exactly that... Okay, so mine is not so much sexy but more sweet.  I thought I would share it with you anyway.


Dominic stared out the window; his breath fogged the glass.  A smile rested on his lips that just wouldn’t go away.  The guy from next door was out in the pouring rain jumping in puddles with a young boy in tow, what the hell was Adam thinking?  Dominic wiped the glass and watched as the boy scooped up a handful of mud and tossed it at Adam.

Dominic chuckled as Adam stopped in shock and stared at the boy; he remained motionless for but a moment before he started chasing the boy around the yard.  Squeals of happiness fell from the child’s lips.  Adam picked the boy up flying him around like an aeroplane.

“More, more, more Uncle Adam.”  Could be heard over the laughter from both participants in the game.

The mud the boy had thrown was now smeared down Adam’s wet, very wet, white t-shirt.  Dominic couldn’t take his eyes of the way Adam’s t-shirt clung to his body.  Adam had only been in the house next door for the past six months; but somehow in those six months that he had wormed his way into Dominic’s thoughts.  Adam might carry a little extra weight than most people he would find attractive, but there was something about Adam that kept him forever in the forefront of Dominic's mind.

Glancing out the window Dominic chuckled; Adam was now covered in mud as was the boy.  It was kinda sweet in a really messy kind of way.  They looked like they were having so much fun.  Dominic sighed.

“Dom, are you staring at the neighbour again, and drooling?”

Dominic looked over his shoulder at his sister Agnes.  “I’m not staring.”

“Ah, but you are drooling.”  Agnes laughed, and Dominic blushed.  His sister Agnes had taken him in when his parents decided they didn’t want a gay boy for a son.

“Have you even spoken to him in the whole time he has been living there?”

Dominic shook his head and blushed again.  “No,” he whispered quietly.

“You should, Adam is a real sweetie.” Agnes walked over and put her hand on Dominic's shoulder.  “He might surprise you.”

“I’m gay, Aggie.  Not many straight boys want to be friends with a gay boy.” Sadness washed over him as his sister patted his arm.

“Dom, you’re not broken.  Mum, and Dad, are the broken ones.”

Dominic sighed again, “Maybe you should try telling them that.  They told me exactly what they think of me.  Told me how I was never going to heaven now.”  A tear spilled over and ran down Dominic's cheek.

“Dom, God loves all people; not just the straight ones.”  Wrapping her arms around her brother Aggie hugged him tight.  “Our parents are full of crap.  No matter what those narrow minded bigots think; to me, you are worth it.

“Thanks Ag,” Dominic turned and hugged her back.

“Okay, the mailman just came so put on your running shoes and run out and get the mail.”

“But it’s raining,” Dominic whined half heartedly as he pulled off his socks.

“Well stated captain obvious.”  Aggie chuckled and pushed him towards the door.

Dominic shivered as the first wet drop of rain hit his skin.   He jumped the small garden bed between the house and the mailbox.  Landing awkwardly; he ended up skidding across the front lawn on his arse.  Coming almost to a stop against a pair of jean clad legs.

“Oh, shit!”  Dominic managed to get out as Adam came tumbling down on top of him.  Adam braced himself over Dominic an arm on the ground on either side of his head.  Legs all tangled together.  Dominic felt the squelch of Adam’s mud covered clothing pressing against his.  Dominic stared up into Adam’s crystal clear, blue eyes.  A smile played over Adam’s plump lips.

“Hi,” Adam whispered.

Dominic’s eyes widened as Adam spoke; his voice was as soft and as smooth as silk.  “Hi.”  Dominic winced as he realised that his body was having a distinct reaction to Adam’s.  He didn’t want to move and bring attention to the fact that he was now as hard as a rock.

Dominic groaned and Adam chuckled as a big handful of mud landed in Adam’s hair and proceeded to slid down and drop onto Dominic's face.

“That look, looks good on you.”  Adam grinned, his thumb coming up to wipe the mess away from Dominic's cheek.  “Oops, sorry.  I think I made more of a mess.”

“Hey Uncle Adam, are you going to kiss him?  Is he your new boyfriend?  What’s his name?”

Dominic's thoughts were interrupted by the chatter of the young boy.

“What do you think Charlie boy?  Do you think he needs a kiss?”  Adam turned his head and smiled at the small boy squatting beside their heads.

Charlie giggled and nodded his head.  Dominic gasped as Adam’s head slowly lowered until their lips gently met.

Breaking apart Adam smiled.  “Hi, my name is Adam, and you are?”

“Dominic.”  Dominic said with a smile of his own.

“More squealed Charlie in delight.  Dominic grinned as Adam’s lips claimed his once more.

They all looked up to see Aggie standing in the doorway clapping.  Dominic blushed.

“Beautiful.”  Adam said  with one last kiss.

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