Saturday, 30 June 2012

You Know You Have Too Many Books When...

You know you have an addiction to, and own, too many books when...

1- You clean out the book case and find more than one of the same book.

2- You give away 155 of said books and it doesn't even look like any are missing.

3- You look at a book cover and say, "When the hell did I buy this?"

4- You look up a book and ask yourself, "Why the hell did I buy this?"

5- You look at a book and smile knowing you only bought it cor the cover.

6- You think you have finished cleaning and your daughter says, "Mum, just found another stack of books."

Today I have done this over and over I swear the damn things multiply at night all by themselves. "Hi, my name is NJ, and I am addicted to books - it has been sixteen hours since I read my last book."


  1. LOL! I feel your pain! At least my bookshelves haven't grown much since I now primarily read ebooks instead of paperbacks. But I've also gone through 2 ereaders in the past year and a half too. UGH! There are sooo many books I know I need to get rid up (I've had for over 25 years) and I just can't. Sigh...

    1. Me too - I can't bloody believe how many I have where I can't just give them up (Watership Downs- yes that story about the rabbits). I am just about to buy my second ereader because my kindle is filling up fast and I can't bring myself to delete any of those books either... I have a problem.

  2. I, too, have loads of books both hard copies and ebooks. I don't buy so many hard copies these days but I still love to visit bookstores. They are always one of my favorite finds when I travel and I have been in wonderful little hole-in-the-wall shops all over the country. I even found one in Rome that had English language books. Really, is this a bad addiction? Don't think so and I am sticking with that. Now I'm going to read a new book I just downloaded.

    1. I am my bookstores (QBD) best customer. Em is just as bad as I am. My hubs says I have a problem and I agree with him but I also say I don't drink,smoke or do drugs etc so I need some vice.