Monday, 2 July 2012


Today I'm gonna say:-  have been without the net for almost three days...Almost. and while I have had no net I looked up all my Deadlines...

I am only writing down the four I must have done books. I will still be working on the other books in between times as well.

So don't fear that I won't try and get everything done on my list. I am going to give it a damn good shot... You know me never tell me I can't do it because I have to prove that I can.

This is just so everyone can help keep me on track with not only these four stories but the other ten in my want to have finished by the 1st of December list. every now and then just scream for an update so I keep up with it all.

1) H-oohhh H- oohh Holidays... 5-40K Christmas themed story for MLR.

Title: Hidden Gifts

Due: August 15

2) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... 5-15K Christmas themed story for Silver. 

Title: On the 12th Day.

 Due:  August 31

3) Australia Day... 5-40K Australia Day themed for MLR

Title: Boys From The Bush

Due: November 5

4) HOT BLOOD... 5-40K Vampire Warrior themed for MLR

Title: The Crimson Coven: The Crimson Grimoire.

Due: November 15

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