Wednesday, 12 March 2014

This Is How My Day Started Out...

Remember how I said Emily dragged me off to her fitness class on Monday and the instructor never showed up? Well she dragged me there again today, and he did show up...

I learnt a 3 things about myself while attending this class.

1- I apparently can't do any exercise that requires me to move backwards - as I have a tendency to fall on my arse (which I did 3 times).

2- I can jog/run up the damn hill, but have trouble walking back down.

3- Who the hell invented push-ups anyway... stupid bloody things if you ask me.

Though to be honest, for my first time I think I did okay. I wasn't as fast or did as many things as other people - but hell, most of them were probably half my age... I'll ache and be in pain for the next couple of days, and then I'll get myself out of bed on Friday morning, pull up my big girl panties, and head back out for another hour of torture... 

It can only get better, right?

Lie to me if you have to.


  1. It gets better after about three months then you can stop being in and good for you

  2. Today I'm ten times worse as I fell off the partially built front veranda extensions... and then proceeded to fall down the back stairs - I'm so unco I scare myself.