Saturday, 6 September 2014

Sons Of Evenmore

I have to admit something, I'm sure a few of you already know. this is a 3 series world, and for some fucked up reason I decided to publish the last series set in this world first. There's nothing I can do about it now, but I thought I should let you you all know that when I'm done with Sons Of Evenmore I'll go back and sub all 5 books in Pack Patters & all 5 books in Watson Falls.

In those first 2  series you learn all about the arsehole bad-guys who started the whole damn thing. and how our good-guys started defending the populace against them. I came up with this story idea while sitting on my front veranda watching the lizards boss each other around in my yard and how when the birds showed up they seemed to all scatter and run together as if to hide from the common enemy. I got to thinking -- What would happen if they banded together and fought back?

So when I started writing these series I decided that I was going to have my good-guys band together with some of the most unlikeliest of allies... so my paranormal adventures began.

Back to Sons of Evenmore for a moment... 

Book 1: The Crimson Grimoire... we get our first look into the special world our guys belong to... and we learn why this particular vampire coven was created, Jynx and Mannix begin our love affair, even with the rough start, and misunderstandings.

Book 2: Blood To Blood... we meet Jhex, Dom, and Mercer, who help bring other species to the Evenmore Coven as the war seems to be heating up. we meet som new charcters who are from the other two series, and some people who will be important in future books in this series.

Book 3: Fear The Scarlet Moon... takes to the next step in the story line. We are now in Phoenix, Linkin, and ??? (I totally have a mind blank as to what his name is. It's the human who helped keep Phoenix alive while he kidnapped).  Phoenix and Linkin have gone out in search of phoenix's still missing sister, and Phoenix wants to make sure the human is safe seeing as they're blood bound.

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