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Guest Blogger ~ Chris McHart: Grenzen [Love In Germany]

Publisher: MLRPress
Length: 24000 words
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM, Holiday, Outside US

What do you do if the Dom you love is half a world away?

When work requires Ryan to leave behind warm and sunny Arizona for cold and snowy Germany, he decides to visit the famous Nuremberg Christmas Market where he meets sexy Julian.

But Julian isn't an average guy, he's a Dom. And he wants Ryan to be his sub.

That's something Ryan has dreamt of, but never admitted to anyone, not even himself. With Julian it suddenly becomes possible.

But what happens once Ryan has to go home, especially since he's developing feelings for Julian?

There isn't a future for a relationship if you're half a world apart...

I stared at the busy market in front of me. A lot of people wandered in and out, like bees in a hive. I took a deep breath, the rich aroma of caramelized sugar, along with cinnamon, wine, and sausages tickling my nose. Saliva collected in my mouth, and my stomach rumbled. I could definitely find something to eat here where all these delicious odors were coming from.

Nuremberg showed itself from its best side, everything sparkling and blinking. My German coworkers hadn’t exaggerated when they told me I needed to visit the market. They had even offered to accompany me, but after a day of hearing “Ryan, here”, and “Ryan, take a look”, I wanted nothing more than to not see any more of them. Even if they were quite friendly. The only exception was David, but we hadn’t been getting along before we came here to work as well. I hadn’t expected this to change just because we were abroad. But I wouldn’t think about him now, the evening was too nice for that.

Night had fallen about two hours ago, and by the time I left the office and arrived at the Christmas Market, the city was illuminated by the lights of the booths and the huge Christmas trees. A carol echoed over the place—Silent Night, if I wasn’t mistaken. It was in German, so I wasn’t completely sure, but the refrain sounded like the famous title.

Lonely snowflakes swirled around me and added a layer of magic to the breathtaking scene. I watched a few melting on my parka as soon as they landed, then shoved my hands deeper into my pockets and walked over the slightly slippery cobblestones to the entrance.

Masses of people meandered through the narrow alleys between the huts. I just mingled with them, letting the other visitors take me with them past the stalls. I didn’t have to hurry, just followed the flow. When something really caught my eye, I tried to slow down, but it was sometimes impossible. Too many bodies pushing forward, and it would have cost me a certain amount of power to break free. Energy I didn’t want to use. So I didn’t, and just went from booth to booth.

One sold the hot wine my coworkers had told me about, the cinnamon scent being more prominent up close. I craved all the different sweets on the next stand, while some strong smelling herbs cut off my hunger a bit at another one. It was all simply beautiful.

A sausage seller’s stall caught my eye. Or rather, the seller did, and then the aroma hit me. My mouth watered just thinking of tasting some of the delicious smelling sausages roasting in front of him. This time, I wriggled through the crowd, determined to take a closer look at the guy preparing the food. He was young, about my age, with dark, tousled hair and a sexy smile.

The line wasn’t too long, and before I had time to figure out what exactly to say with my limited German vocabulary, it was my turn.
Hallo. Was darf’s sein?”

I was pretty sure the guy had asked what I wanted to eat. “Hello. Ein—” What the hell was that word? I searched for a price chart. Bratwurst. Great. That helped a lot. Was it spoken the same way as in English? I had no idea.

“Oh, you speak English? You want three sausages in a roll?” he asked in good, although slightly accented English.

“Uh, yes, please.” Heat crept up on my face. The guy grinned at me and prepared my food. Up close the aroma of the sausages was even better, a tantalizing grilled scent mixed with something I couldn’t define. I could almost taste them before I even had my order.

Author Bio:
Chris McHart is from Germany and while an accountant, writing is Chris’s real passion. Chris likes to spend time with family and has way too many animals that demand constant attention. Chris also enjoys landscaping and cooking.

Whenever Chris has a free minute, it’s spent writing on a laptop, a cup of coffee in hand, deeply lost in the world Chris’s muses have created.

When coming up for some air, you’ll find Chris on a lot of social networks. Check out Chris’s website to see where you can find out more. Chris looks forward to hearing from you!

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