Friday, 25 September 2015

Just Letting You Know

Okay, so if you don't here from me for the next couple of days it just means I'm going to be having a busy week. Tomorrow I have to drive to Toowoomba to help my niece move house and then come home and swap cars so we can drive into Brisbane and pick up my sister around 1ish as she has come to visit for 10 days... then on Sunday I have to get up  at 5:30 am and drive back into Brisbane to pick up my hubs from the international airport as he is flying in from New Zealand... so my family is going to be pretty full on for the next little bit. I'm not sure how long the hubs is staying, I'm going to guess about 3 weeks give or take a few days.

On that note I will away and catch you all as soon as I can and give you updates on what's happening in my life... both family and writing wise. Now make sure you all behave until we talk again.

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