Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My Guest ~ Bronwyn Heeley

Moonlit Escapades [Moonlit Wolves #7.5]
Release Date: December 15th
Publisher: eXtasybooks
Genre: LGBT+ (gay) Paranormal Romance

There is never a time when a visit from old friends isn’t comforting

Ever wonder how Jex and Matt ended up in that compromising position in book 4? Or what the fight between Phil and Craig was about? Or how about how they all became so close and ended up living together?

Well here’s your chance. All the missing pieces that were linked but not fully explained are bundled together in this heart-warming anthology, and just in time for Christmas, because who doesn’t like to visit from family at this time of year.

Note: series must be read in order, but these shorts can be read separately, they’ll just be enjoyed more as companions.

EXCERPT (may be a little rough still as it’s not gone through final proofing)
Time stood stock still just inside the opening to the lounge room. Struck dumb by the fact that his mum and step-dad didn’t remember they told Tim he had to sleep at home Christmas night.


His mum’s voice was high, nearly a squeak as she scrambled off Doug turning an already embarrassing moment into something awkward and unnecessary. Why couldn’t she have just stayed there, then he could have turned around and pretended. Pretend...he didn’t know what, but he was definitely at a point where his mind would have come up with anything to stop to trauma.

Turning around, Tim walked straight into Colin on his way back out of the lounge room.

“Babe,” he said, alarmed, his arms circling Tim’s shoulder as he kept on walking into his lover.

“I’m not having a good year,” he mumbled into Colin’s shoulder, trying hard to push out the horror of his mother doing the dirty. Isn’t there a time when parents aren’t meant to want sex anymore? You know, somewhere around the time of his birth. And yes, he was trying very hard to forget that he had no plans of stopping until his dick wouldn’t get it up again. Then he’d turn to those lovely blue pills.

“What? What happened? Is your mum alright?” Colin asked as he started to move them forward.

“No!” Tim screamed just as his mum came around the corner with her nightgown on.

“I’m so sorry you had to see that, baby.”

Tim nodded, but knew she found the whole thing hilarious.

“What happened?” Colin asked, relaxing against Tim now that he knew nothing bad had actually happened.

Tim made a sound in the back of his throat. “I need to leave,” he mumbled as his mum laughed outright.

“We thought you boys would take a little longer to get up.”

“You could have just not!” Tim said turning around to face his mum. “You knew we were here. You could have…done the deed behind a locked door.” He threw his hands up, mumbling as he walked back out into the lounge room. “Could have gone my whole life without having to ever think about my mum doing the nasty.”

Said mum and Colin laughed hard behind him. Yeah, it was all so fucking funny.

Back in the lounge room, Tim found it a little hard to look Doug in the face as his neck started to heat up.

“Let’s get this over with. I’m hungry.”

Colin came in behind him, wrapping his arms around Tim.

“I told you we could have had a bit of pre-present nooky, but no…you had to rush out and see what Santa brought you.”

This last statement had Tim flashing a hot red from head to toe as he realised that apparently, things could get worse.

I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours... da da da da dum, author of MM romance

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