Thursday, 17 December 2015

My Guest ~ Diana DeRicci

Hibernate With Me

Release Date: December
Publisher: MLRPress

After an earthquake that rocked Alaska brought them together, Rhody and Brendan are still going strong months later. With Christmas right around the corner, at least one of them has plans to make what they have permanent. There really isn't a single reason why it can't — well, except for Brendan's little secret...

Nothing says Merry Christmas like bears, wolves, and mistletoe.

  He slung his travel bag over a shoulder, dropped his suitcase by his knee, and closed the SUV door. Standing at the front door, he pushed the doorbell that would blink the house lights and let Brendan know he had company.

  A moment later, the door popped open and Rhody smiled when their eyes met. It was matched by an equally broad smile in greeting from Brendan. The door was held wider and Rhody entered, to let his bag slide from his shoulder to the floor.

  The next several minutes were filled with deep, heartfelt kisses, making up for the time spent apart. It sucked that Brendan was in Anchorage and Rhody lived in Spokane. It was taking some logistical planning on their parts, but they were making this work.

  Rhody was slow to release Brendan’s lips after a long, thorough welcome kiss. Damn. He’d needed that. He nibbled playfully at lips, tugging on Brendan’s beard between his teeth. Brendan growled in answer. A shiver danced down Rhody’s spine at the sound. He knew how precious all of Brendan’s sounds were since he couldn’t hear himself or any part of the world surrounding him.

  Reluctantly, he inched away from the body heat. “Missed you,” he said, using his hands to sign his thoughts at the same time. Taking the sign language courses was really paying off. His skills were better and he felt more confident in his ability.

  He knew Brendan appreciated it when his eyes softened, simply gazing into Rhody’s. “So much,” he agreed.

  Rhody smiled. He loved seeing that look on Brendan’s face.

  “Let’s get you comfortable.” Brendan unzipped Rhody’s jacket.

  He shrugged it loose so Brendan could hang it up in the front closet with the other heavy outer wear.

  Palming his carry on again, he followed Brendan’s lead to the bedroom, tugging the suitcase behind him. Brendan walked ahead and opened two large empty drawers. “These are yours.” Then he faced Rhody.

  Rhody’s feet slowed to a stop. “You made space for me?”

  He was shocked at the gesture and forgot to sign his words.

  “It’s not that big of a deal. You’re going to be here for a little while.” He rocked broad shoulders in unconcern.

  Rhody saw right through it. Brendan may not think it’s a ‘big deal’, but it meant a lot to Rhody. When he’d been there last time, during the summer, there had been different circumstances to that visit. They’d both been trying to build something out of an unexpected attraction. Given that they were stranded in the wilderness for several days, it was a perfect opportunity for affection to flourish.
This visit, Brendan was making it pretty clear where he wanted Rhody.

About Diana
Diana DeRicci is the sexy, flirty pen name of Diana Castilleja. Having been published since 2006 with paranormal romance, she has traveled through several genres but will always be a romance author at heart. DeRicci’s writing takes you into a saucier spectrum of sensuality and sexual adventure, where a happily-ever-after is still the key to any story. Diana lives in Central Texas with her husband, one son and a feisty little Chihuahua named Rascal. You can catch the latest news on all of Diana DeRicci’s writing and books on her website. 

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