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My Guest ~ Neil Plakcy

Noche Buena

Release Date: December 2011
Publisher: MLRPRess

Sean McCartney gave up a computer career to work as a carpenter on South Beach, but the real estate downturn has left him unemployed and questioning his decisions. He’s spending his free time in the pool with the other guys from the Miami Beach Gay Swim Team.
The team’s coach, Gaspar Fuentes, is single and forty-five, and feeling lonely at Christmas. So the guys decide to surprise him with a real Cuban Noche Buena, Christmas Eve. Because he has free time, Sean is roped into organizing with Magnus Anderson, a real Type-A personality who’s constantly hounding Sean to do this, do that. Sean can’t stand him, and he gets the impression Magnus thinks Sean’s a real loser.
But neither of them can deny the sexual attraction between them. Can they make it as a couple? When the party’s over on Noche Buena, will they open their presents together, or go their separate ways?

  “Sean? Magnus Anderson. Wanted to talk to you about the Noche Buena party.”

  “Magnus? It’s seven thirty in the morning.”

  “I know. I wanted to catch you before my day got crazy.”

  Sean yawned. “So?”

  “So here’s what I want you to do. Start researching what else goes into a Noche Buena besides the pig. And where can we buy a whole pig, anyway? What kind of decorations will we need? What other grub do they serve? Can we have it at your building? Start putting together a guest list—all the blokes from the swim team, and see who knows if Gaspar has any other mates.”

  “Slow down, Magnus. I need to find a pen.”

  “Come on, Sean, get with the program.”

  I’d like to program you, Sean thought, and was surprised at the way his dick sprang to attention. He ignored it and started writing down the irritating Brit’s instructions. He’d just come to the guest list when Magnus said, “Listen, I have another call. Talk to you later.”

  He disconnected without even waiting for Sean to say goodbye.

  Sean slumped back against his pillows, his dick still hard. What was that all about? Did he have the hots for Magnus? How could he? Magnus was such a major jerkwad.

  Oh, god. His own dick vibrated with sexual tension. He’d seen Magnus naked in the shower, and he knew the man had an amazing physique. But could he shut up long enough for them to fuck?

Neil Plakcy was a spoiled only child who celebrated both Hanukkah (when he got a small present each night) and Christmas (when his big presents arrived.) He loves writing about both holidays, especially when he can incorporate details of his home in South Florida.

Character-driven mystery, romance and mainstream novels


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