Friday, 8 April 2016

Today I Am... Back In Writing Mode

Yes, today I finally have the urge to write... I have been so out of it for the last six months or so... not that I'm going to get into that and give you all my woe is me story.

Today I started off by tweaking the blurb for The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes. I did and sent back the BIF yesterday to the wonderful Faith BB over at PRIDE.

Today I'm also starting back on Lancaster's Way 3: Pre-loved, I have a little bit of a rewrite and then I will be full steam ahead. before I know it I'll have subbed it to the amazing Christie N at MLRPRESS.

Intended Mates 1: Lay Your Body Down, which will be appearing in the anthology Seasons Of Murder has gone for proofing. I can't wait for these ones to be released. this really is the story I wrote will suffering badly with Insomnia and couldn't remember what the hell it was about... lesson learned--Don't write while severely sleep deprived. So soon I should receive galley proofing before it is formatted for release. I have already been making notes for book 2: Dancing To The Sounds Of Madness

Today I'm also reviewing Moon Runners 2: I Won't Let You Go and seeing where the story is headed... I will probably need to go through book 1: Heart-mate Mine! and write down a list of all the character names so I don't screw them up... I hate it when I get through writing the next in a series and then realise I got a character's name wrong... or the colour of their eyes and hair. If it drives me nuts, then I know it must be equally as frustrating for my readers.

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