Monday, 17 April 2017

5 Updates On Life

Okay, so since last time I was on here and spoke with you all I have had a lot happen.

1) I've been going to the doctor and getting the medication sorted out fr my migraines... to try and head them off before I actually get them. the worse part is I also had to give up coffee... Coke Zero... and cut right back on my salt... that part was so not fun. I have been caffeine free for 2 weeks and still counting.

2) I have been preparing to go to court with my ex-husband (which was on the 13th) I had to make sure I had all my information correct and accounted for. So I spent a lot of time going back thorough old journals, receipts, and tax returns to show my side of the story. In the end my ex-husband still walked away with more possessions and net worth... but I think in the end I'll be a lot happier─mainly because it's all over and I won't have to think about it again. Well I won't once it finishes getting legalised through caught, which should take a couple of weeks.

3) From now until the end of the year I can finally start writing again without the stress of everything hanging over my head. I really need to get back into writing and for the first time in 2017─I actually feel energised enough to write. I just hope it lasts.

4) I still have a couple of reno jobs to do around the house... In the next couple of months:
  • I want to change out the carpet in our house.
  • Put up roll down blinds at the windows.
  • Put a hand rail on back steps.
  • Build back veranda & cupboard.
  • Install stair-lift for Mum.
  • Buy some more plants for the garden (will post photos when done).
5) My Easter was pretty quiet... we just went to my brother's house for a BBQ and we were home by 6pm when the mozzies came out. Thank God we only live across the street.

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