Friday, 14 July 2017

Just When...

Just when... I get back into the writing swing my real life decides to get in the road... mainly my next two weeks are filled up with family errands (Dr appointments, 2 eye tests, Emily's car has three different services to be done, and I have my Kitchen hutch turning up on the last day) so it extends the finish of The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail Of Red Roses by two weeks.... Sorry 2 weeks.

I also gave my bird Hector away to a very nice family, who will give her a lot more attention then I was able to give her. Honestly to me she was just a chore, but this family just lost their bird and where going to get another one so it seemed like the right decision for me. I think Hector will be happier, because she will get a lot more attention then she ever got at my house... I should say that I inherited Hector who at the time we thought was a boy and later found out was female. I never bonded with the bird because she bites even after 5 years she attacked me every time I went near the cage. Weirdly when the guy caught her for transport she never even bit him... Must have been just me. Hector was a peach face... a very beautiful bird. It's very quiet without out her on the front veranda, but in saying that my front veranda now looks huge without the cage taking up space.

I had a very early wake up call this morning. Willow thought it would be a great idea to jump up on my bed, crawl under my blankets and up-chuck a fur-ball down near my feet... mind you it was more spit than anything else... but still means I have to wash my sheets━thanks Willow.

I have a Dr appointment this morning to find out the results of my blood tests... So you don't take your medication for 6 months and everyone gets cranky at you because your body decides to shut down... Lesson learned... don't quit taking your medicine no matter how stressful and busy life gets, it's so not worth the hassle of trying to get everything back on track again.

This morning is the first time that I've felt the cold. My fingers are cold. The rest of me not so much, but my fingers are freezing. Even the cats are sticking close to catch as much body heat as they can. I might even have to to have a hot Milo this morning just to warm up. Actually a hot Milo sounds good so I'm outa here... I'll catch you all tomorrow, or in a couple of days.

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