Thursday, 3 August 2017

It's Been Two Years Already

I can't believe it's been two years since my boobs have had to be squashed beyond belief, but as they say: No Pain━no sense of relief when you find out everything is all okay. Last time I had a bit of a scare when they found a slight shadow, but after a secondary examination it turned out to be nothing. So this morning I'll happily toddle off to my breast examination appointment at 9:15 am, and hope that I get another all clear result this time around.

Then in other news: I'll have to go and pick Emily up from the mechanics in Toowoomba as her car is in getting a couple of oil leaks fixed up. I just hope that I can remember how to get to the mechanics as I've only been there once before, and I wasn't driving. I'd been sitting in the back seat, so I really wasn't paying attention.

Also I'll go and check out a new computer seeing as this one lost about a third of it's charge overnight. Harvey Norman is having sales on at the moment so now might be the time to look into upgrading to a new one. I'll let you know what happened when next I'm on.

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