Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Well Finally!

My new glasses finally turned up, but I have to go back and get then tweaked as they don't sit right on my head. I think they may have gotten the multi focal lenses out of whack a little... Hopefully it's an easy fix... or else it's going to be as annoying as hell to wear them.

I watched the latest episode of Shadow Hunters this morning and I wonder just how far much more they are going to deviate from the books. Don't get me wrong, I still love watching the series. But when you kill off characters who are supposed to be alive, and then keep alive characters who are meant to die... I have to wonder... In saying that I really do like all the characters in the show. I like some of the characters in the show that I really didn't in the books which amazes me to no end.

I finally have my music area all set up so I can now listen to music all I want... The area looks great if I do say so myself. After being told I can decorate it anyway I want. I say so I can put all my skulls in there only to be told a resounding NO! How fair is that... In the end my mum filled it with rabbits and chickens, but I don't mind as my skulls decorate my bedroom anyway.

I'll be adding to my garden beds soon. Well, as soon as the guy comes and paints the outside of the house. The next portion of the garden will all be in pots. When Ted & I put up the shade cloth pergola, I didn't realise just how hard it was going to be to grow any type of grass (like impossible) So instead I'll turn it into a green house of sorts, and fill it with plants that love to grow in shaded areas.

My computer keeps draining itself of its battery life. Every time I turn the damn thing on it is as flat as a tack. So I might have to go and see what's happening tomorrow. I hope it doesn't mean I'm up for a new one. As this one is only about three years old, but I can't go any where, or use my computer anywhere unless I have a constant power source... It's a total pain in the arse. It'll probably cost me a fortune for a new one. I'll let you know the verdict the next time I'm on.

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