Sunday, 15 May 2011

Books in The Lines Of Marsden series

These are the titles that I have come up with so far for this series... The latter ones may be subject for change.

                THE LINES OF MARSDEN

1- Rules Are Meant To Be Broken
2- Living In Shadows
3- You Make Me Die In Pieces
4- The Trail Of Red Roses
5- Love You, Hate You, Need You 
6- Kingdom Of No Regrets
7- Holding Onto Forever
8- Bittersweet Memories
9- All The Pretty Things
10- Crawling Back To You
11- No Longer Dreaming
12- The Best Is Yet To Come
13- You're Barely Sleeping
14- No Tear For Tomorrow
15- Watching Through Windows
16- Will You Still Love Me
17- His Guardian Angel
18- And Then You Die


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