Sunday, 22 May 2011

On Writing...

What Inspires me when finding Characters:

I have absolutely no clue who this person is, yet the moment I saw this picture I knew that I had found my bad guy... or girl as the case may be.  Her look of innocence is decieving.

I like looking at the picture and developing the character in my mind. Finding the right name and  personality, is what helps me when writing her into the story. I find it easier to find the picture first, rather than trying to write blind; meaning that I like to have a visual aid while I write.  For those times when I am trying to write facial descriptions, I find that I like looking at  her picture and describing exactly what I see.

Writing personalities:  Well for this I get inspiration from everywhere.  Each and everyone of my characters has a little piece of me in them.  Other pieces I take from family, friends, and complete strangers. That for me is the fun part, taking all these bits and pieces and moulding them into the character that they finally become.

The good part is that I have many friends that just send me pictures of different people that they find interesting... and sometimes those same pictures jump out and grab my attention; yelling, pick me and tell my story.

This picture became my basis for Venetia Matherson; but that is a whole other story... to be told on a different day.


  1. Oh, Norma, I have to say. Speaking of writing characters, I'm distacted by the gorgeous fellows on the left margin, and could so imagine a million stories with them! Sigh.

    But isn't it fun, this conjuring characters from people we see, known and unknown? And, like you say, putting some of ourselves into them, too.

    Damn, writing's fun, ain't it?

  2. I never knew how quite to explain it until you talked about my man Candy G and how your friend inspired parts of him... By the way still waiting for the next installment... not that I am rushing you or anything... LMAO.