Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday Madness!!!

Hey Guy's & Girls... I thought I would start of my week with some of the crazy stuff that just wanders through my brain. For the past two days I have woken up with snippets of a new story in my head.  The title is When The Walls Come Tumbling Down.  The two main characters are called Quinlan Macallister & Brayden Caldwell At the moment they are screaming in my head for their story to be told. So I am thinking of using them as a free read blog story that will be added to same day each week.  Friday sounds like a good day for a free read...

Have you ever had a day where you just wanna crawl back in bed & just stay there? I am having one of those days today. The moment my fingers touched the computer keyboard the damn thing decides to mess with my head.  Actually that is not much different from any other day in my life... Ok maybe I just need to learn how to use my computer...LOL.

For anyone who has tried to leave a post before Taylor V the Queen Goddess of my Universe, has fixed the problem for me. So Vlad & I hope to here from you soon.


  1. Sounds great to me Norma, I love blog stories. Thanks to Taylor for fixing the comments problem too :)

  2. Excellent idea, Norma. Looking forward to it.

  3. Thank you my lovely ladies... still working our way through *winks at Taylor*.

  4. Yay I can comment now! Sounds fab Norma, look forward to hearing your Friday free read. The lines of Marsden sounds great too! Maybe we can get an extract? ;)

    Your blog looks excellent by the way!

  5. To tell the truth I just sent it away to a publisher... and I am waiting to hear back from them... I am all set for a revise and resubmit letter...or even flat out rejection. So I will save the snippets until after I hear from them.