Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday Madness #2

Getting sidetracked on the Internet.

Well today I have worked out that I must have a really short attention span... I started out last night looking up things on Vikings & Norse Gods... which somehow morphed into pictures of sensual gay couples, until in the end I found myself in some Porn Gallery... Mind you I had to stay and have a look at them all. First visit ever, and some of those pictures lets just say WHOA!!! May even have to check it out again later.

See what I mean about the short attention span?

This was one of those beautiful photo's that I got sidetracked by.  I wish I knew what the hell they were thinking right then as the photo was being taken.

This is another picture I found and just thought, I so have to write this guys story. and I have finally found two people who I can use in my series: Admetus Gaea; Book one: Untamed World.

This is my Jondalar: Who is one of the leaders of the Elvin Kind; he Rules Meadow Run.

This is my Grayson:  Who is human to start off with and becomes something else so that he can Fulfill the Gaean Prophecy.

I will fill you guys in on this story another day... because it would take too long to explain right now and I want to explain it right... because this was a world where I created everything; making up a language was fun.

Okay, now this Blog just proves what I said about having a short attention span!!! On that note I will away and write to you all another day.


  1. The last two guys are gorgeous.

  2. I was Thinking the same damn thing...

  3. Wow all incredibly hot but I keep going back to the guy in the tiara and tutu knocking back booze! Wonder what that says about me? :P

  4. I kinda think he is hot!!! I am so gonna write a story about that guy even if it is just for me...