Thursday, 22 September 2011

Short & Sweet!!!

  This is what I need: a long soak in the tub with a really hot guy... mind you I don't think my hubs would want me to do that seeing as he is out of the country... and the only other thing stopping me is no bath tub (only a shower) and I doubt it would feel as good squished up in the laundry sink.
 I am bummed, the crazy laptop has died and I had to buy a new one... it sucks the big one... on a brighter note the new one is Red & Black two of my favourite colours. I pick it up tomorrow as the guys is downloading a heap of stuff onto it for me.

 Also I gave up drinking Coke today... why would I do that? Why am I punishing myself? Who would know because I certainly don't. I wonder how long this will last... they tell me water is better for me but seriously I am starting to wonder.

  The other bit of news is someone backed into my daughter's car this morning and wrecked the front bumper. So now we have to organise to get that fixed... Thank God for insurance.

  Okay I will end it of here with a quote, it just seems appropriate:

Life is like an ice-cream cone.
When you think you have it licked.
It drips all over you.

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  1. *pets* Sorry to hear about your laptop dying and your daughter's car getting hit. That sucks!