Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What's Happening!!!

  Okay, well this is what is happening with me this week... 

  1- I have learnt how to use the tracking edits, (believe anyone that knows me know just how big a deal that is - Techno Savvy I am not). 

  2- I have also been given the go ahead to make the changes in The Lines Of Marsden 1: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken. so for the next three weeks I will be busy doing that and trying to bring up the word count a fraction.

  3- I have put the SSP on hold until after the Changes are done and TLOM is back in the hands of my editor.

  4- I am about 8k from finishing my Christmas short story: Angels On Top.

  5- Well really that is it... though I do have a eye test scheduled for tomorrow and my laptop needs to go in and be fixed... it is still acting all crazy on me... hopefully it is an easy fix.

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