Tuesday, 6 September 2011

It's My Life...

I apologise for not posting yesterday... I had a migraine and it threw me out of whack... So I thought I would give you an update on what is happening in my life... Well Tomorrow my hubby is heading off to New Zealand for seven weeks (World Cup- Rugby), I am not sure whether that is a good or bad thing...LMAO.

 But it will give me seven weeks of uninterrupted writing time... I have so much to do and I even have more new idea's floating around inside my brain... but this is what I am doing at the moment..

 1:- I am waiting to see if my editor likes my changes to book 1 in- The Lines of Marsden...
 2:- I am working on extending- Shadows on the Heart.
 3:- I am working on the sequel to Shadows- (On the Flipside of Reverse).
 4:- I am working on my Christmas short story- Angels on Top
 5:- I am working on book 1 of- Paying it Forward- Harlin's Heart.

 Well that is it....


  1. 6:- You are alpha-reading my manuscript ;P

  2. & a pleasure it was too... I love Adam even more now if that is possible...