Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My Thoughts On Writing

Actually - my first thought on writing for this year is: It is a lot of bloody hard work. Writing the words is the easy part, well it is for me. I just sit in front of the computer and write whatever falls out of my head - mainly because I don't plot. My problem is I quite often get distracted so I find myself in a pickle. (I have edits on TLOM - I have to sub a valentine day story by the 10th and I am trying to make two other deadlines in February.) And that is besides having to deal with my real life as well - LMAO.

 Today I actually find myself alone in the house and I am trying to get most of the V-day story done but have a total fricken mind block going on. Though I promise after I post this I will get back to work and get shit done!!! Maybe just another cup of coffee first.

 So this month to keep myself in track I have organised my blog and have a schedule that I am going to try and stick to. it is as follows:

SUNDAY: Em's turn (she will post her favourite music.)
MONDAY: Blog Story 1 - Wind Walkers.
TUESDAY: On writing and other stuff I will ramble on about.
WEDNESDAY: Pimping out my friends - so if you want to be pimped - send me an email.
THURSDAY: S.P.A.M. Inc. (Embry and I will each be introducing you to our world - so you will need to go to her blog as well - there is a direct link underneath my profile.)
FRIDAY: Blog Story 2 - Jettermane.
SATURDAY: Beautiful According To Me.

So that is my life for the next month in blogging. On that note I will say goodbye and I will catch you all tomorrow.

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