Thursday, 12 January 2012


Last Profile Sneaky Peak:

It has been pointed out to us that it might not be wise to give too much away on our series. So Embry and I are going to show you the last half of our main character profiles for the first two books. After that you will all have to wait until we get a contract for it... LOL... sorry for teasing you all like this.

Introducing Joel Roxby (Roxy)

Series Title: S.P.A.M. Inc.

Book #: 1

Book Title: Roxy’s Heart ~ Harlin’s Hands

Name: Joel Roxby (Roxy)

Age: 21

Species: Fey – Second in line to rule the water realm (Fey Realm)

Realm: Water

Hair Colour/Type/Length: Jet black -Shorn close to head.

Eye Colour/Shape: Green almost a milky green colour

Skin colour Type: Very Pale – has a tendency to glow when near his mate.

Scars/Blemishes: N/A (His skin is perfect)

Height: 5”9’

Weight: 80 kg – 176 lbs

Clothing preferred: Silks he likes the way it feels against his skin. He wears nice dress trousers and purple is his favourite colour to wear.

Mannerisms: Very Flamboyant very affectionate to other people & a bit of a slob.

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  1. I know you are writing this with another but I haven't checked them out. It is enough that you are writing in the book is that bad? Maybe I need to go check out their site. Loving the sneak peeks. And teasing is just a by product of being an excellent writer, have to get our curiousity up.