Tuesday, 10 January 2012

You Know It's Hot When...

You know it's hot when... the fridge needs to have fans on it to keep it cool. Yesterday it hit 41 degrees in my part of the world which is 105.8 in American temperature. My fridge started beeping at me and just wouldn't stop until I pulled it out until it was sitting directly under the ceiling fan with added floor fans aimed at.

You know it's hot when... the cats bite you just so you can spray them down with water. Even the parrot got in on the act. I spent most of yesterday running around with a spray bottle wetting down our three cats, a parrot, and my mother (she is 79 just about to turn 80) so she got sprayed down every time I passed her.

You know it's hot when... the water in the tap is too hot to drink and the ice cubes melt before you go from one room to the other. or the drink fridge doesn't even keep the soft drink cold.

You know it's hot when... the computer tower dies and can't be revived, and when the laptop shuts itself down so that you can't write a damn word... (Apparently computers don't care if I have deadlines and edits.)

You know it's hot when... the kindle just refuses to turn on until the air conditioner gets the room to the right temperature.

You know it's hot when... the water in shower is too hot to stand under when you only have the cold water running.

That was a little look into my day yesterday.


  1. you know it's hot when NJ's temperature rises...dont want to do anything to piss you off today heeheehee

    stay cool girl

  2. Smart arse... I am already pissed off (though luckily not at you).

  3. I hope the weather breaks for you soon. It isn't funny when it is happening to you but to other people you giggle a little.

  4. LOL - Seriously, I live for the winter not that we really have a winter, but at least it is cooler than now.