Monday, 13 August 2012

I Subbed Again.

Yesterday I subbed Christmastime at Papa Lee's to my wonderful editor Kimberly Brandt over at MLRPress... and I made the deadline by just a few days... Hopefully soon I will find out one way or the other if it gets accepted.

In the meanwhile I am working on my Aussie Day story Boys from the Bush (Rethinking Title) and my Warrior Vampires story The Crimson Grimiore. so I am keeping busy.

I am also doing some beta reading for my friend Mark Hopkins (All I'm gonna tell you is that what I have read so far is awesome).

I know you are all gonna love knowing I finally got around to cleaning out my office - and I still couldn't fit all my books in every time I opened up something I would find a book or too so now you can't even tell that I gave away 155 books, my hubs doesn't believe that I did.


  1. I need to so go get your new book...wwwaaahhhh I have been so sick the past two months. I will catch up and come give you


    1. Cinders glad to see I'm not the only one who has been sick... I sepent nearly the whole of July with the flu... Give me shit all you want babe I haven't written a thing in a week - LOL. not one word.