Thursday, 9 August 2012

What's Next...

My Beta Reader James A or as I call him Yoda has told me he will get my MLR Xmas story back to me by tomorrow so that I can clean it up and sub it to my wonderful editor Kimberly Brant at MLR.

Today I am working on my Australia Day story Boys from the Bush (which may have a title change). I have just passed the 3K mark so I am pretty happy with that one.

My Vampire Warriors have had a series name change from The Crimson Coven to The Sons of Evenmore - let's just say it came to me in a dream. I could do nothing but change the title as the characters threatened to boycott my thinking if I didn't change the title and now they want me to change the title of the individual stories I have planned. So anything could happen with them. I will know more when I start working on them again.

What has been really helping me is over on Facebook I am having sprints with Dakota Trace which has been great fun not only am I getting a stack of writing done I am making new friends along the way. For all the authors out there sprinting is the way to go and I have Erica Pike to thank for that as she joined me up to the group in the first place.

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